Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee is made up of 13 members, including the CEO, Deputy CEO: Prudential Supervision and Deputy CEO: Market Conduct & Operations.

Chief Executive Officer (Executive Member)

Mr Kenneth S. Matomola

Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Prudential Supervision (Executive Member)

Ms Erna Motinga

Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Market Conduct & Operations (Executive Member)

Mr Bonifatius K. Paulino

General Manager: Market Conduct (Executive Member)

Ms Hilka Alberto

General Manager: Capital Markets (Executive Member)

Ms Evangelina Nailenge

General Manager: Insurance & Medical Aid Funds (Executive Member)

Ms Grace Mohamed

General Manager: Pension Funds & Friendly Societies (Executive Member)

Ms Lovisa Indongo-Namandje

General Manager: Research, Policy & Statistics (Executive Member)

Mr Floris Fleermuys

General Manager: Information & Communication Technology (Executive Member)

Mr. Petrus Kafidi

General Manager: Human Resources (Executive Member)

Mr. Russell S. Mufaya

General Manager: Finance & Administration (Executive Member)

Mr. Johannes Smit

General Manager: Legal Services (Executive Member)

Mr. Nolan Swarts

General Manager: Strategy & Projects (Executive Member)

Mr Absalom Kapenda

Head: Governance, Risk & Compliance (Attendee)

Mr Bryan Kandjiriomuini

Manager: Corporate Communications (Attendee)

Ms Victoria Muranda

Head: Internal Audit (Attendee)