Did you know that NAMFISA regulates and supervises micro-lenders, pension funds, long and short term insurance, investment institutions and medical aid funds. Did you know that if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complain against financial institutions, you can lodge a complaint with NAMFISA. If you want to know more about NAMFISA and the complaints handling process bring along your ID and relevent documents, so we advice you correctly.
We will be visiting the following areas in Opuwo:

Duty Stations:
Opuwo Nampol 17 June 2019
Ohandungu and Okangwati 18 June 2019
Otjerunda, Orumana and Ondororundu 19 June 2019
Okameru and Opuwo JP 20 June 2019
Oputuavanga and Opuwo Hospital 21 June 2019

For further queries: Contact NAMFISA: 061-290 5000

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