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Budget Sheet: Plan before you use your money without budgeting

Budget Sheet

1: Monthly Income
Income is the total sum of everything your household earns. It can come from the salary of a steady job or work you do on the side.

2:Monthly Expenses(B1)
Expenses are everything that you spend your money on each month. Expenses on your monthly budget sheet can include:

2.1:Expenses you should have(B2)

2.2:Other Expenses(B3)

We always stress the importance of putting money aside for the future. Pay yourself first. Set aside a percentage of your monthly income and save it from the start, before paying all obligations.
You can save a paricular goal like the purchase of a new washing machine, rather than buying one on credit at a high interest rates, or you can save for a rainy day', so that you are better prepared for lifes downtime, emergencies and unforeseen obligations.
You can save for inverstment.
After your savings exceed a certain amount, your financial institution or banker can advise on options for higher interest products or returns on commercial inverstments that can help your money earn money.

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