A consumer education website just for you

We have launched a Consumer education website just for you.
Click on Consumer education to access information
that is relevant for you. Your brand new Consumer education
website is aimed at ensuring you get the required information
as a consumer of financial services and products to know your
rights and responsibilities.

NAMFISA works tirelessly to ensure that
our consumers are protected hence on
our newly amended Vision we added the
aspect of consumers to be protected.

This edition is another educative publication with information
that will enhance your financial decisions. You can read articles
ranging from Anti Money Laundering, Unit Trust funds, Investing
basics, and rate if you are over and under insured.
A wise man once said,” Knowledge is power”- and reading this
article and sharing the information with loved ones is by far a
powerful way to arm yourself with financial information.
You can also read and learn more about what a medical aid
fund is and if Telemarketing of insurance products is right, while
being aware of your legal obligations especially for a retirement
NAMFISA’s complaints handling service is FREE OF CHARGE.
That means consumers of financial services can lodge
complaints with NAMFISA directly and their relevant complaints
will be investigated accordingly. You can complain for free with
NAMFISA by dialling our toll free number 0800290500
Wishing you a happy reading

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