The Social Security Commission’s Ben Haingura, SSC Manager Windhoek branch, has advised that a Good Standing Certificate from the Social Security

Commission is advantageous to companies in

Namibia, when tendering for jobs especially with regard to government institutions.

“It is important, as it promotes compliance between government institutions such as Ministry of Trade, Finance and Labour. Only legally registered and compliant companies are allowed to tender. At the same time, the non-compliance of employees’ registrations and contribution/accounts payments are addressed and often rectified so that both employers and employees are covered.”

The Social Security Commission places great value on adherence of all levels before issuing a Good
Standing Certificate. Haingura advised that three things must be in place before a company qualifies for the certificate and these include the registration of all employees, even after a company has secured a tender where they might have to employ more people for the job. “Furthermore, companies must also be 100% up-to-date with all payments and they must ensure that employees are covered in all aspects related to the company, such as workmen’s compensation, e.g. the construction industry,” he added.

Haingura encouraged business people to formally register their companies. “Not only is this beneficial

to the company and its employees. Companies are also empowered as they are given a fighting chance to tender, thereby benefitting from the country’s projects and job opportunities. This obviously leads to the growth of the company and employment opportunities for Namibians.

Adhere to the stipulated laws and update your records as well as payments with SSC and do not only do so when tendering. Please remember to apply at least two days in advance for the Good

Standing Certificate request procedure to avoid disappointment.”

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