Please allow me to express a word of gratitude to

NAMFISA’s Complaints Department staff that assisted me to get my money back from a company operating a cash loan (name withheld) in Windhoek.

I approached the cash loan to borrow some money after experiencing some financial difficulties.

Unfortunately, I could not afford to pay back the money plus interest as I was expected to do.

I then approached the cash loan company to make

arrangements and they thankfully agreed that I can repay the money in installments for a certain period.

I tightened my belt and starting paying the monthly amount as expected. After some time I became worried about the length of time I had been paying off this money. I went to the company to find out what’s wrong – they were of no help. So

I approached NAMFISA and was referred to the Complaints Department. They asked me to provide them with all the necessary communication between me and the cash loan company.

After that they informed me that they were investigating the matter to get the story from the company’s side. It took a bit of time before NAMFISA came back to me but I was patient. Someone eventually called me from NAMFISA to tell me that the investigation had been concluded. I was told that the company was ordered to pay back the excess money that I paid to them in installments. After having lost hope, I was very happy with what NAMFISA did for me. Keep up the good work!

(name withheld)