I am Mrs. Magdalena Annet Somses. On 30 May 2016 I
lodged a complaint against [name withheld] with your
offices to be assisted with irregularities on my account
with them.
I was assisted by your staff members and especially Mr.
Imba was handling my case. An investigation was done and the
problem was solved. I have been struggling on my own for years
to get a solution for my problem.
Your company assisted me very fast and the service I received
was prompt and friendly towards me. I am a very satisfied
customer who was assisted by you. I want to send my gratitude
and thanks to your whole staff for a very good and friendly
service. My case was solved promptly within a month and I have
received a refund from the company I was having a complaint
Once again I want to say thank you for your brilliant service.
Thank you for being there for us ordinary Namibians. Keep up
your good work.
Mrs. M. A. Somses
Walvis Bay