Christmas time is the season to be merry,
to indulge in delicious food, and enjoy
an abundance of gifts, laughter and
family reunions. Nevertheless, when celebrations are
not accompanied by caution and financial planning
(including having a comprehensive insurance policy
in place), clouds of worry and questions like “is my
business safe and will I come home to an empty
house?” may overshadow the joyous festivities. The
festive season is not only known for high consumer
spending, but also for an increase in criminal activities
such as robberies, home burglaries, business theft and
road accidents, resulting in financial losses, loss of
life and property.
To safeguard against these situations, have a
comprehensive insurance policy in place, through a
registered insurance company. Make sure that you
thoroughly understand and adhere to the terms and
conditions of the insurance policy. The standard
insurance policy does not include any exception
for premises left unattended over this period,
but insurers are clear on what adequate security
measures need to be in place for the insured property.
Ensure that all security measures surrounding the
premises are adequate before vacating your home or
business. Always check the alarm system and make
sure it is in good working order, as well as securing
or removing all valuable items from the premises.
When driving, ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and
be cautious and vigilant, always adhering to traffic
regulations and road signs.
Having proper insurance arrangements in place will
help restore you to a financial position relatively
quickly once the risk against which you are protected
occurs. This will help to avoid unnecessary increases
in premiums, save on excess payments and maintain
a reputable claims record. And most importantly, to
prevent loss of life and financial savings.
Having insurance will help you enjoy the festive
season to its fullest, ensure that you have a very merry
Christmas, and give you peace of mind about what
you have left behind.

“The art is not in making
money, but in keeping it.”